Triathlon Training

Our newest coaching program… triathlons.  If you want to do your first, finish an Ironman or just complete one with age group success, then the Triathlon Training Program will do just that.  After a lengthy initial goal setting meeting, a plan design will be created, by Cliff Latham and the team at Coach

With this service, you can choose to get either A) a training plan, which covers the course of a year, and is designed to allow for optimal performance while avoiding injury, overtraining, or burn-out or B) a custom nutrition plan that takes into consideration every aspect of your personal health and dietary needs, whether you want to complete an Ironman triathlon, or just shed a few pounds. After you purchase your plan, we’ll contact you within 24 hours to find out your exact needs.

“Cliff, this program was awesome.  I was tired of thinking about and then doubting the training plans that I tried to write or that I found online.  With yours, I knew you were watching over me.  It completely took the guesswork out and this year, I have run two new marathon PRs and won my age group in 2 triathlons.”


  • Details for a training plan include intensities, training volume, duration, workout frequencies, recoveries, and race tapers.  Or if you are just working out in the gym, then an exact plan of what to do each day.
  • Details for a nutrition plan includes meal plan overview, meals, recipes, meal timing, supplements, grocery list and implementation instructions
  • Plans are delivered electronically, with the option to include full TrainingPeaks implementation if you would prefer complete online access, Outlook calendar syncing, etc.
  • Perfect option if you want direction for your year, but need an alternative to one-on-one coaching

Cost:  $379/month – 3 month minimum.