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Podcast 6
December 31, 2014
Interview with John Wood from US Wellness Meats
How Can Grass Fed Beef Be So Much Healthier for us?


Podcast 5
Sept 27, 2013
Interview with Dr. Stacy Sims: Osmo Nutrition and the Best Race Fueling Strategy for Anything Over a 10K Race

Show Notes
Race Recipes: CLICK HERE
Osmo Products:  CLICK HERE
More on Dr. Stacy Sims:  CLICK HERE

Podcast 4
So What the Heck Do I Eat? And, How Inflammation Causes Early Death, Arthritis, Decreased Performance and ADHD.

Podcast 3
Carbs, Protein or Fat… How Much? And, Why You Can Train for a Marathon and Get Fatter

Podcast 2
Why Knowing How Many Calories You Eat Can Make You Fatter

Podcast 1
I’ve Got Time for One Not Both… Should I Exercise or Eat Better?