One On One Private Training

Do you want complete guidance to reach your fitness and nutrition goals, with zero guesswork?

Our unique method of personal training and nutrition coaching begins with detailed profiling to identify your unique body, metabolism, health, goals and exercise history. We then use this information to design a cutting-edge customized exercise program with complete nutritional and lifestyle support.

Our goal is to give you maximum results and seamless, responsive communication from your coach and trainer, with zero training or nutrition guesswork.

One on One Personal Training…

Right at Your Home… the Lofts at Wolf Pen Gym!

During a Private Training 100% of the focus is on you.
The workout is customized, you are pushed to your limit and we do what it takes to get you the results you need… ON time!

What are you waiting for… with a money back guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose…


  1. Give You Twelve Dynamic Training Sessions Each Month
  2. Oversee your progress and Personally Coach it myself…
  3. Teach One Full Length Nutrition Seminar
  4. Provide You with a Seven Day Eating Plan based on your Metabolism
  5. Give You a List of supplements based on your needs.
  6. FREE membership to the College Station Running Club AND College Station Boot Camp


  1. Help You Lose 20 Pounds in 12 weeks
  2. Increase Strength and Toned Muscle
  3. Increase Your Energy by 250% within 3 weeks!
  4. Skyrocket your metabolism and keep it there!
  5. Reduce and Learn to Cope with Daily Stressors
  6. Finally Achieve what you have attempted and never been able to do!


$325/5 sessions + first session FREE = 6 sessions
further discounts available during the 2nd package purchase

But Hurry…we only have space for 2 more clients
and when It’s Full, It’s Full!

Workouts are at the Lofts at Wolf Pen Gym

If you are ready, REGISTER HERE

Call 979-575-4640

Refund Policy:
You may ask for a full 30-day refund anytime
during the current training month.

Cost:  $65/session – order form will pay for 12 at a time.  Or $599/month autocharge when you sign up for 6 month auto pay.