Black Box Coaching

Black Box Coaching with Cliff Latham is our executive program designed to enhance physical and mental performance at the highest level. It uses the most cutting-edge training, nutrition, and lifestyle techniques that exist to optimize your life and make you indestructible.

This is life coaching at the highest level, and only 3 people on the face of the planet have access to the Black Box Coaching program.

To evaluate your eligibility for participation, you can e-mail Cliff Latham to set up a private call. To ensure your message is prioritized, use subject line: Black Box Coaching. If you wish to make a phone inquiry instead, you can call 979-575-4640

Serious inquiries only, please. Please read all details below so you know exactly what you are getting into.

  • Complete training program design with detailed daily workout descriptions, exercise photos & videos, and zero guesswork, including the most cutting-edge workout efficiency strategies to minimize time and maximize results.
  • Detailed daily meal plan and supplement blueprint, customized by Cliff Latham with photo logging, heart rate tracking and biomarker testing to track your individual body’s response to diet.
  • Total guidance on advanced biohacking and self-quantification techniques, including heart rate variability, cold thermogenesis, electromagnetic frequency shielding, ketosis, adaptogens, and more.
  • 24-7 quantification, tracking and live biofeedback of your movement, sleep patterns, metabolic rate, heart rate and heart rate variability, with daily analysis by Cliff Latham.
  • Unlimited access to Cliff Latham, including private e-mail address, private toll-free telephone line, and private Skype address to answer your questions and provide full support at any time, along with a face-to-face Skype meeting every 2 weeks.
  • 2x/year in-depth biomarker analysis of blood lipids and advanced cholesterol markers, inflammation, thyroid panel, nutrients, minerals, liver, kidney, performance hormones and metabolic hormones.
  • 1x/year expanded gastrointestinal panel to evaluate gut health, food allergy, digestion and parasitology status.
  • Concierge supplements package designed and shipped to you monthly, based on your biomarkers, training goals and nutritional needs. No shopping required.
  • Full access to Cliff Latham’s entire education library – instantly access any of Ben’s past, present and future books, training and nutrition plans.
  • 3 month minimum program, with discounted options available for 1 year packages.

Cost:  $1,997/month